Welcome to the world of Stellar Blue, where style meets comfort, and your kids' feet take center stage in the journey of growth and development!

Stellar Blue is your go-to online destination, introducing UK parents to the incredible world of Bibi, a Brazilian brand devoted to crafting anatomically correct children's shoes. With our exclusive distribution rights in the UK, we're thrilled to bring you and your little ones the health, comfort, and style synonymous with the Bibi brand.


Did you know each of your adult feet are made up of 26 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments? However, when babies are born the structure of their feet is completely different and it takes an 18 year journey for the bones and joints to fully grow and develop. A newborn's feet is made up of soft cartilage and can easily be bent out of shape by tightly fitting socks and shoes. At this stage, before they start walking, you need to make sure any shoes, sandals or booties are soft and flexible, loose, and only worn for short periods of time. 

When your child first begins to walk, allowing them to go barefoot indoors helps their feet to develop naturally as they practice the grasping and squeezing action of their toes. The arch doesn’t begin to develop until around two years old so don’t be concerned if their feet appear flat. As they get more confident and ready to start exploring outside you’ll need to consider their first pair of proper shoes - how exciting! 

You should always measure your little one's feet to ensure you buy shoes that fit properly and provide enough toe space to allow for growth. And they grow fast, so treasure every moment! It's good to check their measurements and how their current shoes fit every two to three months to make sure they are not getting too tight. 


Discover the Bibi Fisioflex range, a perfect example of the flexibility, support, anti-slip features, breathability, hypoallergenic materials, and anatomical correctness we prioritise. Unlike many brands simply scaling down adult designs, Bibi specialises in crafting footwear tailored for the specific needs of children.

As parents of two boys under 4, we recognised the scarcity of specialised children's footwear brands in the UK, inspiring us to launch Stellar Blue. Our mission is to provide UK parents with a diverse selection of anatomically correct shoes, ensuring your children's feet are cared for from their first steps to their teenage years.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs delving into the developmental stages of your children's feet, emphasising the importance of choosing the right shoes. And remember, here at Stellar Blue, healthy choices don't compromise on fashion, colour, or creativity. Our partnership with Bibi brings Brazilian couture, warmth and style to your little one's shoes, ensuring they're always ready to shine at the party!


Peace and love, 

Stellar Blue