Did you know that over 9000 different toxic substances are found in everyday products like clothes, shoes and toys?

There are many chemical elements controlled by international regulations that are proven to be harmful to our health.

Over 9000 different toxic substances can be found in all sorts of products that we use in our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, many of these are present within clothing and footwear (among other everyday items). 

Studies show that these chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, posing a danger to our health. For example, substances used in pyjamas were found in children’s urine five days after wearing them for just one night.

These substances are concerning because of their potential health hazards, including links to various illnesses and environmental contamination. Researchers and experts have found out that among those substances:

All Bibi products are non-toxic

Bibi, along with IBTec (Brazilian Institute of Leather, Footwear and Related Products) monitors all of the raw materials used in Bibi production, which are only those in compliance with international standards (REACH) for toxic substances that are known to be safe. This gives peace of mind to parents that their little ones are not coming into contact with toxic materials, which is especially important during those early years when everything ends up in their mouth! Bibi products are safe for your kids, and safe for the environment too. 

If you'd like to dive deeper into this issue read our blog Safeguarding our Children's Future: Choosing Non-Toxic Footwear which includes links to research and studies that shine a light on both the prevalence and risk of harmful toxic substances present in everyday products such as our clothes and footwear.