Made in Brazil, loved in the United Kingdom.

Inspired by our own journey as parents in the UK struggling to find a brand of fashionable children's footwear that prioritises natural foot development alongside the well-being of our planet and its people, we founded Stellar Blue.

Our Brazilian and Kiwi roots took us on a journey around the world to find the best footwear brands for kids.

Doing good, one step at a time.

That journey ended with the discovery of Bibi, a Brazilian brand with a 70 year heritage that is 'devoted to childhood'.

We were blown away by how Bibi shoes look and feel, and even how they smell when you take them out of the box. As we delved deeper into the brand we discovered an unparalleled level of technical innovation and commitment to sustainability. We had to bring this discovery back to the UK!

Our mission

Stellar Blue is more than just a footwear company; we are a brand that represents a steadfast commitment to the health and well-being of UK children, and to ensuring they have a healthy world to grow up in and cherish, like we did when we were kids.

Our exclusive partnership with Bibi allows us to deliver on this vision, by offering their incredible range of physiological and sustainable footwear to parents looking to make smart choices for their children, the environment and our communities.