Bibi is like walking barefoot

Bibi stands as the pioneering Brazilian brand that initiated research into physiological footwear, a collaborative effort that united pediatricians, orthopedists, physiotherapists, and designers. This groundbreaking work led to the refinement of anatomical footwear and the introduction of physiological shoe concepts. These shoes are designed with features that support the natural development of children's feet, catering to ages 0 to 9, ensuring a healthy foundation for foot growth.

Discover more by watching our video, which delves into Bibi's collaboration with PUCRS and showcases tests that validate the advantages of Bibi's footwear.

Children's walking assessment

The research involved a 2-year long clinical evaluation of kids walking patterns. 50 children between the ages of 3 and 9 were selected to participate, and the assessment included tests conducted on various Bibi footwear lines, in addition to observing the children walking barefoot.

Ground reaction tests

This testing took place at the Physical Activity Assessment and Research Laboratory (LAPAFI) at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) in Porto Alegre.

The study utilised a sensor-equipped walkway featuring eight force platforms, where each child walked individually. Experts meticulously analysed their footsteps and measured the ground reaction forces impacting their feet while walking. The evaluation was conducted both with and without Bibi shoes, to facilitate a comprehensive comparison of the results.

The results

After two years of meticulous research and evaluation involving more than 50 children, the study conclusively demonstrates the benefits of the physiological footwear concept. The findings reveal that walking in Bibi shoes mimics the experience of walking barefoot for children, highlighting the effectiveness of Bibi's design in promoting natural foot movement and development. Bibi is like walking barefoot!